A triathlon before 30… Getting [in] shape!

Portuguese Triathlon Federation (FTP) logo - three silhouettes representing running, cycling and swimmingYeah, it’s a pretty old (almost silly) aspiration I have, born in the days I’d consider myself in “good” shape (read “late 90s”). I’ve decided to take that one down from my bucket list so it’s finally getting [in] shape! :-)

My friend Pedro helped with crawling for information about the usual distances and such. The Portuguese Triathlon Federation (FTP) seems to support the super sprint, sprint and olympic distances, which is more than enough – do I hear anyone for an olympic participation? ;-)

Younger version of myself reaching the end of a race in 2003

2nd place in 2nd Asprela race - it even rhymes! :-D

Now that I start seriously considering it, I find myself thinking: why didn’t I participate 10 years ago? Few good reasons occur to me (nowadays):

  • It would probably be much easier to make minor modifications to my regular training then to try getting in shape again. Guess I just didn’t know that starter distances were quite accessible. :-)
  • 10 years ago I ran a lot more than I’m even able to today, in about half the time! :-D
  • Less wrinkles and white hair look best in photos, no matter how (I was trying to avoid drawing this argument for the sake of “other” elders out there!… ;-) )

I should mention that some extra inspiration also came from others (most notably Jim Ley, one of the earliest SVG giants who started taking sports seriously a few years ago), as well as all “running freaks” which joyfully populate my jogging itineraries. :-)

Finally, I’m trying to keep here (at heldermagalhaes.com or trib4thirty.info) some sort of progress log. When I first had the idea, in the beginning of 2011, my weight was about 68Kg. I expect to gain a little weight (as muscle is more dense than fat) and resume measuring timings with some degree of accuracy: I currently run, swim or ride the bike “until I’m tired” or “am short of time to keep going”, both not really precise units of time… :-D

Consider joining me! I’d be delighted. ;-)

Note 2011-01-16: Portuguese Triathlon Federation (FTP) logo adapted from one available here

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One Response to A triathlon before 30… Getting [in] shape!

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Helder,

    i am glad to join you in this adventure, as you know (you were there laughing :D ) i have broken my leg, so i have kind of an excuse to be a “little” out of shape, but not given up of joining you in this quest..!!! LET’S DO IT !!!

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