Lthere “Returns”

"Lthere Returns" logo, heavily inspired in "Batman Returns" imageryBack when I entered college, I adopted the nickname HellThere in IRC and other chat services – ICQ was quite popular back then, remember? I don’t… :-D

The reasoning behind the nickname, as one probably already guess it, was the phonetic similarity with my own name – Helder, in case you’ve missed it! ;-)

Thing is, when I started using international servers (freenode, Mozilla IRC Network and so on) the “Hell” caused some disturbance in users from countries where the name Helder is uncommon, probably associating it with chaotic and destructive users… :-( I then (temporarily) stopped using it, and started using the “boring” OwnnameLastname in most services, although it didn’t feel like a nickname at all. :-|

Today, I decided to start using a “decent” nickname again. It’ll be using yet another pun: Lthere. It seems even more confusing, which is the idea after all. ;-)

So, if you don’t see HelderMagalhaes around anymore, just scroll to the “L” word (not that one, silly! :-D ) and that’s probably me. :-)


Update 2011-01-11: Added Batman-inspired image created from logo (shamelessly copied from here); “Batman Returns” font found here.

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