Extra! Extra! LEIC ties with Manchester City!

Detail of the final score between LEIC and Man. City (2-2)

Detail of the final score between LEIC and Man. City, with focus on Sven Eriksson

[People] struck the equalizer as LEIC deservedly took big-spending Manchester City to a replay after a pulsating FA Cup third-round tie.

I was astonished. Spending quality time with the family in a Sunday evening, at a local bakery, I never though I’d see such amazing event transmitted live and on paid cable TV: The spectacular but amateur L.E.I.C. versus the Manchester giants (more than professional and paid in gold, if you known what I mean). What could happen?

A feeling of frustration came into my mind, though: why wasn’t I at least invited? I know I’ve been skipping training (the team regularly meets for an indoor soccer session at Wednesday nights), as things have been pretty rough lately at work but… Not even given a chance to chase world-class soccer stars? I did momentaneously toss some curse words in my mind to Nitro (a.k.a. Ricardo), our word-class team manager, which quickly faded away once I realized I absolutely had no reason for that – ultimately he is the coach and therefore knows what’s best for the team… :-)

I then saw Sven Eriksson (Manchester City manager) worried face and couldn’t resist taking a couple photographs (to the TV set). I pretty sure he was thinking something like:

OMG! They told me not to mess with the geeks and I laughed at them…

Who’s laughing now, Sven? Yeah, I thought so… :-D

Note 2011-01-13: Opening blockquote took from here, slightly adapted but… Who cares? This was fun! ;-)

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