First Things… First?

Hello World in C (programming language)Hello world! :-D

First of all, a quick apology to fellow Portuguese readers for deciding to publish this blog in English. It wasn’t very hard to decide, as English is the language of the Internet, but me being a big fan of my mother tongue made the choice slightly less obvious. ;-) Naturally, I reserve myself the right to publish some blog entries in Portuguese but, in general, English it is (this applies to comments as well). :-)

One of things I don’t have a strong opinion yet is whether should I publish previously written material with a date in the past (when the material was actually created, I believe WordPress allows doing this) or start those blog entries with “a couple of years ago” or similar introduction… :-D My current opinion goes to publish stuff in a past date, reason why I named this post. ;-)

I intend to make this the beginning of a revamp of my previous website which was severely outdated and missing lots of relevant content which I intended to share in the last few years. This can take a while (forever? :-D ), as I intend to focus on writing new stuff, but definitely there’s aged material to share. :-)

By the way, in case you are wondering, the blog’s subtitle (“Half-baked stuff for an imperfect World” as of this writing) was somehow inspired by a curious site which I visited more than 5 years ago (!) and only again today just to pull the link here. I intend to publish stuff in a less polished state, as that (perfectionism) was the #1 reason for taking so long to start publishing more often… :-)

Disclaimer: a similar title (to this post’s) is found in the WordPress ReadMe file (shipped with the distribution). I’ve noticed the fact after writing this, so I’m leaving a soap opera like reminder that “any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence”. :-D

Update 2009-11-22: Added post image, shamelessly copied from here.

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2 Responses to First Things… First?

  1. Hugo says:


    You didn’t send that email.
    If you can please send me the Ink-something-I-can’t-remember software link.

    Hugo Cramez

    Note 2011-01-04: Free translation (from Portuguese) to English by Helder.

    • Helder says:

      Hi Hugo,

      The email was sent 2011-01-01 at 5:21 PM – maybe got caught by your spam filter (due to the large number of links)…? :-)

      Nevertheless, the software we were experimenting with was Inkscape – one of my favorite, BTW. ;-)

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