Don’t get fooled by “Full”!

BIOS screenshot of USB controller speed configuration

BIOS screenshot of USB controller speed configuration

Today, while browsing through my system’s BIOS for some tweaks, I noticed a strange sentence in my peripheral configurations:

Configures the USB 2.0 controller in HiSpeed (480Mbps) or FullSpeed (12Mbps).

Full-speed at 12 Mbps and Hi-speed at 480 Mbps? Damn, is this a typo in the BIOS textual description or am I missing something? I crawled the Web and found out that it was I who was confused: in fact, Hi-speed USB is the fastest one.

I was aware about the speed differences, I just didn’t had noticed such a counter-intuitive marketing terminology for the two different versions. And yes, I’m convinced that I was the one who had “tweaked” the setting to Full-speed (option which was active when I noticed the weird sentence).

So that’s why my USB drives were so slow… And me blaming the drivers and hardware for the lame performance… :-D Better double check yours too to see if no one did the same mistake as I did! ;-)

Finally, while investigating the difference between Full-Speed and Hi-Speed, just noticed the upcoming Super-speed which will take data transfer into light-speed (!). Not that my current data transfer requirements are as high, but I always like to watch things moving!… :-)

Notice 2009-09-27: This post wasn’t actually published when written: the post contents were mostly ready but, unfortunately, got lost in my “to do” stack (see the first blog entry for more on this).

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2 Responses to Don’t get fooled by “Full”!

  1. Miguel says:

    It’s funny how there just isn’t much use, or even demand, for a realistic adjectivation in this world. Everything is super adjectivated! It’s like having 8 billion people, all trying to get your attention by the mastering of wordbites or soundbites (or bytes).
    IT Performance is pretty much the most paradigmatic case for it and its stupid prefixes. Everything is like: super, hyper, ultra, jumbo, macro. Like it’s gonna explode in your face, when actually, it’s gonna under-perform like hell!
    If only they did a more realistic and “honest” approach… something like stating the damn speed in mbps! People wouldn’t be fooled and actually enjoy a bit more performance with the added knowledge of self-explanatory terms! How “super” that would be…

    • Helder says:

      Yeah, marketeers are getting more and more refined, although adjective usage is getting so saturated that people start to filter them (or is it just me?). :-D

      Nice pun on the bits and bytes, BTW (actually, I initially had in mind using a similar pun as the blog subtitle)… ;-)

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